Resources for Dawnland

As promised, here is the follow up about the film. The filmmakers who joined us this evening, Adam Mazo and Dr. Mishy Lesser, are CC’d on this email, so you can grab their contact info from there if you want to contact them directly. The website for the film is here:
The teacher’s guide is here:
As Adam and Mishy told us this evening, the film will be shown on television all over the country on Monday, November 5 at 10pm on PBS Independent Lens and then, for the entire month of November following that, will be available for streaming here: That’s a great time to use it with your class or another group that you’re part of!

In addition, TAG Boston is an ongoing, ever-growing network and community of teachers, educators, community members, parents, and activists working for social justice inside and outside our schools. We have a listserv for sharing thoughts and important news; in the next week or so, we will add everyone who signed in tonight to our email list. If you don’t want to be added, just reply to this message and let us know! We also have a Facebook group: Please join it! We will use those two means of communication to keep you informed about other events and activities coming up!

23. August 2018 by RK
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