Rank and File Teachers Score Huge Victory

“There are no charter schools, to my knowledge, in any of the upper-class, middle-class, or even white ethnic areas of Chicago. They are primarily in Latino and African American neighborhoods. In some areas they’re so thick that nearly all the schools in the neighborhood are charters. When you look at where they began, they certainly wholesale jerseys China follow the gentrification pattern. So this whole education program is cheap jerseys really a real estate program and a gentrification program under the cheap nba jerseys guise of improving education.

For example, Di?n if you look at the school closings under Duncan, they started in the Near South region, in Bronzeville, Hello where they also closed housing projects and destroyed low-income housing. They replaced it with very upscale condos, new housing stock, and expensive rehabs of old mansions. These areas that had been African American are now much more integrated. So the schools got closed.”

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24. January 2011 by RK
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