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More than a year ago Junot Diaz wrote an article for the New Yorker about the power of storytelling. He wrote “We need stories, we thrive on them, stories are how we shape our universe. Stories rule us, they find us, they bring us together, they bind us, and, yes, they can pull us apart as well.” As teachers we need to tell our stories. Stories of success, stories of school closings, stories of budget cuts, and stories that tear at our emotions. These stories can help us figure out where are schools are going and what we can do to change their path or push them further in the right direction.

According to Diaz “a coherent, accessible, compelling story—one that is narrow enough to be held in our minds and hearts and that nevertheless is roomy enough for us, to weave our own predilections, dreams, fears, experiences into its fabric” is the type of story that is most effective. This post is a call to all educators to tell their stories. What is going on in your school? What are the successes? How are the budget cuts effecting the young people and their access to quality education? How are school closings effecting the larger community that is supported by the school? If we can make our stories heard maybe we can shape an alternative narrative that supports our schools and our young people.

Send your stories to and we will post them here so that our stories will fall on the eyes and ears of many.

09. April 2011 by RK
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