Next General Meeting at English High, Friday the 18th of November

Our next general meeting will be from 6pm-8pm at English High School in the second floor library, 144 McBride Street, Jamaica Plain. Jared Joiner from the Office of Teacher and Leadership Effectiveness and Dale Libkin the Director of Performance Management will lead the first 45 minute discussion on the new teacher evaluation regulations. Below is a blurb from Jared.

The plan for the conversation would include an overview of the new evaluation regulations, and the vision for how it is currently being implemented in the turnaround schools. The Office of Teacher and Leadership Effectiveness is extremely interested in your feedback on the process, so that it can inform next year’s roll out in the remaining schools in the district. Additionally, OTLE is interested in your input on multiple measures of impact on student learning, and how we might best implement the state regulations regarding student input on teacher evaluation and parent input on principal evaluation.

The second hour will be dedicated to digging deeper into the Stand For Children ballot question, which you can find here. We hope to break up the paragraphs and proposals, tackle each one separately, and then report back to the larger group about our findings and suggestions. Please join us for the meeting and then head to the BTU trivia night or across the street to Doyle’s to continue the conversation.

14. November 2011 by RK
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