Sign the National Resolution on High Stakes Testing

Sign this resolution against high stakes testing that was developed by many organizations including the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, FairTest, Time Out From Testing, The National Education Association and many others.

One of my favorite quotes “The over-emphasis on standardized testing has caused considerable collateral damage in too many schools, including narrowing the curriculum, teaching to the test, reducing love of learning, pushing students out of school, driving excellent teachers out of the profession, and undermining school climate.”

09. June 2012 by RK
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  1. Despite the lack of reliability and validity of tests for students in US school districts, massive funds are being poured into accountability measures and test-focused curriculum that discipline and define their experiences. As a parent and educator I am concerned with public school reform, and many, including policy makers, educators, and families, are increasingly concerned with issues and problems related to the education and assessment of children in U.S. schools. I believe we need to reduce high-stakes testing, which would bring huge financial savings and gains in time to spend in meaningful educational practices, such as formative assessment data to inform teachers.

  2. Probably one of the most insidious effects of teaching to standardized tests is the erosion of critical thinking!

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