Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

“When I witness wholesale nba jerseys a teacher (a rare one who hasn’t yet drunk the test-prep Kool-Aid) challenge adolescents with a dilemma, an anomaly, an incongruity, a question with Should no clear answer, Get and listen as the kids become so involved cheap nba jerseys they groan when the bell rings, it tells me Rufo was right.

When it comes Sunset to education, wholesale nba jerseys we’re not putting Stakes our money where our mouths are. We give lip-service to democracy, but devote so little thought T? to what it takes to maintain one that we see nothing wrong with an educational system that’s hierarchically wholesale nfl jerseys organized, centrally controlled, Score and unabashedly authoritarian.”

Click here for the full article by Marion Brady


24. January 2011 by RK
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