Eliminating School Integration Policies-Can Boston learn from Wake County, N.C.?

With the help of a $241,680 grant from the Department of Education, Boston Trench Public Schools (BPS) has taken on the task of creating a new student assignment policy to serve its 56,000 students. Grant details from the DOE can be found here. The Project Summary from BPS can be found here. At the heart of this new policy is the question of how the city will bring educational equity to a district characterized by racially and economically segregated housing patterns, racially segregated schools, in-place integration busing policies intended to desegregate schools, an increase in cheap nfl jerseys the demand for charter schools, closing the achievement gap and the pressure of the district to cut over-all costs?  For those who are thinking about the future of BPS and how this can play out in Boston, keep your eyes on Wake County, N.C.

Faced with many of the same challenges as BPS, the Wake County School Board has decided to eliminate integration policies, wholesale mlb jerseys including busing, because they Messestandbeleuchtung were “unfair and unhelpful.” The article, featured in the Wall Street Journal, presented Get the attitudes of some of the school board members on the integration policies. Commenting on a policy of promoting economic diversity in the student body by “adopting a goal that no school should have more than 40 percent of its students qualify for free or reduced-price lunches” board member Tedesco stated San Francisco 49ers Jerseys that the policy was not in the best interest of poor students. Tedesco argues that it is best to File concentrate poor students together, creating schools with an 80% poverty hi?m rate High because doing so would allow the public to”see the challenges.”

The Wake County school board had eliminated the policies and it seems that other hyper-segregated cities Your will be looking at the same issues.

There are some interesting questions here that need to be addressed:

  • What are the guidelines controlling the TASAP grant that BPS Cаrrаrое received for student assignment?
  • Is BPS meeting the requirements of the TASAP cheap nba jerseys grant?
  • What is the role of integration policies in out district?
  • Does the district have the authority in Boston to change these policies, given that some of the federally court ordered policies are still in effect.

In the end it seems the larger question for BPS is going to be: what is a quality educational experience going to look like for Boston’s public school students and does going to school with peers of different nationalities, cultures and economic status rank in the cheap nba jerseys prioritization of the  factors that lead to that experience?

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